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Clyde Simmons CEO

“To be needed for the clients today and tomorrow, to understand not only their current needs, but also the needs of tomorrow is a mission and a business strategy of “7energy.”

Olivia PrestonChief operations officer

“We believe that the development of operational technologies, the formation of a well-built high-tech investor service system can help us to achieve our goals and objectives. At the same time, the company is constantly working to expand the individual consulting of our clients on any financial issues.”

William LloydDeputy Chief executive officer

“When working with investors, we adhere to the main principle: everything that is beneficial to the client, is beneficial to the company! Trading is quite a long process; it is a kind of philosophy that we strive to implement at all points of interaction with investors. At the same time, all our efforts and abilities are aimed at ensuring that the company’s clients consciously make decisions on investment.”

Paul WelchDeputy Chief executive officer

on the technology issues

“The active participation of the company’s specialists in the technological processes for the modernization of the infrastructure of the Russian stock market allows our clients to use all the new products and investment services.”

Anne OliverAccounting officer

“The timeliness of payments and tax payments, the fulfillment of financial obligations to clients ensures stability and comfort when working with 7energy. Caring for the financial well-being of the client is the key to the successful development of our business.”

Roberta AtkinsonDeputy Chief executive officer

on the Legal affairs,

Head of the Legal Department

“As part of our work in the legal field, we primarily strive to protect the financial interests of our clients. All regulatory documents and terms reflected in the relevant section do not contain hidden fees and allow clients to reduce financial costs when working with the company.”